Angel Wish - Angel Kisses Blown to Heaven Memory Candle with Selenite 30cl


Angel Wish - Angel Kisses Blown to Heaven Candle with Selenite 

The blend of essential oils has been selected to represent love & peace, which is what we wish to someone who has lost a loved one and is also what we wish for the loved one when lit.

Single wick 30cl candle in clear glass - boxed

This natural wax candle is fragranced with pure essential oils of citrus, lemon, geranium, patchouli, and orange.

This candle is naturally coloured and is scented with pure essential oils. It does not contain perfumes. 

This candle is made from natural organic clean burning soya and rapeseed oil. They are suitable for vegans and the wicks are made from cotton. This candle does not contain any paraffin or petroleum products.

Ingredients: Contains natural clean burning plant wax and citrus, lemon, geranium, patchouli and orange pure essential oils.

This is a high quality natural product.

30cl/ 210g

Burn time: Approx 60 hours. 

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