Ornate Sterling Silver Angel Caller (small) with Angel Wing - on 18" Box chain (Sterling silver)


This unique Sterling Silver Angel Caller has a beautiful ornate design, encasing a hidden chime ball.

The Angel caller is complemented by a sterling silver Angel wing. 
They come on an 18”, Sterling Silver Box Chain.

Legend recalls how the soft tinkling sound of the ball, which is unique to each pendant, has the magical ability to summon the guardian angel of its wearer, protecting him or her and accompanying the wearer throughout his or her life.

The Angel wing pendant is not included, however can be added for at a additional cost, as detailed below.

When worn by a female during pregnancy on a longer chain over the bump it is said to protect the unborn baby....the baby hears and feels the vibrations & chime of the ball and when born is comforted by the familiar tinkling sound of the bell and is protected too by its Angels xx


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