Hand Painted Lotus Flower with Selenite Framed Artwork - Like the Lotus Flower…..


Each framed artwork is slightly different as they are hand-sketched & painted. The crystal used is selenite; this natural crystal is a beautiful Angel crystal.

The Lotus flower when in full bloom, although in a muddy & murky pond, emerges strong and beautiful.
Even out of mud, where there appears to be no light, it shows strength, determination as it grows through and flourishes. 

The Lotus is a reminder of how beautiful and special we are & gives hope and courage especially at times when we feel a little lost. The sentiment of the Lotus flower combined with the beautiful healing and cleansing energy of Selenite complement each other perfectly.

This a beautiful  way to say to someone you care  about - Be like the Lotus: trust in the light, grow through the dark, believe in new beginnings! x

The message on this artwork reads

Like the Lotus flower…. x


22.5cm x 22.5cm External Frame Size (approx)

12cm x 12cm Artwork Size (approx)

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